• 80's Electronic Music

    Michael Jackson

    Introduction Michael Jackson is one of the most loved and acclaimed musical artists of all time. He has been crowned the "King of Pop" by the press an

  • 80's Electronic Music


    Introduction OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark) are a UK band who have developed a cult following. Their music of the 80's has influenced a large

  • Electronic Movies Music

    John Carpenter

    Introduction John Carpenter is a film director who also has composed much of the music for his movies. He uses a synthesizer heavily in his compositio

  • Electronic Movies Music

    Turbo Kid

    Introduction Turbo Kid is 2015 sci-fi comedy action that pays homage to the iconic films of the 80's. It does this by employing many of the same metho

  • Modern Electronic Music


    Introduction Gunship are a synth wave band who have rapidly gained popularity from both listeners and critics. Their songs are heavily inspired by mus

  • 80's Electronic Music

    Best Electronic Songs Of The 80’s

    Introduction The 1980’s were the decade where electronic music became the mainstream. There was a large amount of commercial work that featured the new electro sound. Keyboards and synthesizers became one of the most used instruments in pop songs. Some…