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John Carpenter


John Carpenter is a film director who also has composed much of the music for his movies. He uses a synthesizer heavily in his compositions. Throughout the decades he has set himself apart from other musicians thanks to his mastery of the craft. As Carpenter has stated himself, his work would probably be rejected by modern movie studios. This is due to the large amount of creative control that he demands of both the sights and sounds he puts on screen.

The Most Iconic Soundtracks In John Carpenter Films

  • Halloween

The simplistic synth piano theme tune to this 70’s horror classic is one of the most iconic of the entire genre. It stands with Jaws and Psycho as having the most recognisable score in all of horror.

  • The Thing

This is one of Carpenter’s most atmospheric movies and it is all because of the ominous synth heavy score. Interestingly it was not Carpenter himself who composed it. In fact it was world renowned Ennio Morricone, who is more famous for spaghetti western soundtracks. The electronic soundscape of this film is one of foreboding dread and claustrophobia.

  • The Fog

Carpenter is well recognised for integrating classic piano pieces with electronic synthesizers. This is perhaps his best example. It is not as well known as Halloween but it is as equally chilling. In fact without the effective fear inducing score this film would not be nearly as scary. It is minimalism at its very best.

  • They Live

For his sci-fi paranoia classic Carpenter decided to employ the sounds of static as well as a more refined electronic sound. It integrates instruments more commonly heard in country and western music. This integration also uses Carpenter’s go to method involving a synthesizer to give a background bass to the sound heard.