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Turbo Kid


Turbo Kid is 2015 sci-fi comedy action that pays homage to the iconic films of the 80’s. It does this by employing many of the same methods seen in the movies of that decade. This includes the use of an electronic soundtrack. The synth wave score of Turbo Kid is heard throughout much of the running time. It is one of the reasons for the movie’s increasing popularity. It uses a high tempo to compliment the action scenes. It also helps to create mood when the two main characters interact with each other, ultimately bringing them closer together through musical cues.

Le Matos

The score is written by synth wave pioneers Le Matos. The Canadian pair are

highly respected within this music genre community. Their unique sound is an interesting blend of many different sources. This includes electronic dance, movie soundtracks of the past and classic pop music. They started off by remixing the work of other artists. In 2013 they finally released their own purely original work. Their debut album “Join Us” featured the same electronic sound design that would be recognisable in their later work in Turbo Kid.