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Most Iconic Electronic Soundtracks Of The 80’s

  • Risky Business

Tom Cruise became a star thanks to this romantic comedy. Tangerine Dream composed the electronic score for the movie. Despite being a humorous film the score is very moving. Their track Love On A Real Train is perhaps the best example of this.

  • Beverly Hills Cop

This Eddie Murphy comedy action is perhaps best known for

Axel F, the film’s theme tune. It became an instant hit which is very recognisable, even with those who have never seen the original movie.

  • Scarface

Al Pacino stars in this crime drama chronicling the rise and fall of a Cuban drug lord in Miami. The pastel and neon colours are complimented by the electro soundtrack. Giorgio Moroder does a fantastic job right from the start of the movie. The opening track perfectly sets up the dark and violent mood of the entire film. It also conveys the excitement, abandon and excess of the 80’s.

  • Videodrome

David Cronenberg’s creepy body horror has a soundtrack that utilises electronic instruments in order to truly creep out the listener. The spooky score combines a classic orchestral sound with Synclavier II synthesizer. Embedding these two elements together was a stroke of genius on the part of the composer.