Electronic Movies Music

Using Snus While Watching Synth Movies

The 1980s provided viewers with plenty of movies that featured great electronic music. This was an era when film composers started to embrace synthesisers. The instrument started a revolution within the arts world which is still being felt today. Morden audiences are spoiled for choice when it comes to amazing soundtracks from the 80s. Popular examples include Manhunter, Risky Business, Blade Runner, The Terminator and Scarface. The experience can be enhanced by trying snus while watching these movies.

People can purchase Zyn Snus from the website Northerner. It has been hailed as a great alternative to smoking. The pouches contain no tobacco while still allowing users to enjoy tasty nicotine. Each Zyn Snus pouch offers a 30-minute release of 12 possible flavours. There is something to suit anyone’s preference. Furthermore, there are four different strength options. It is fair to say that Zyn Snus products are fun and convenient.

Picking the Right Moment

Some people might want to place the snus under their lips as soon as the movie soundtrack starts. However, it is better to pick the ideal moment. The best synth scores will build up to a heightened emotional climax. This will be the ideal time to enjoy the snus flavour release. If the person is unfamiliar with the music, they could listen to it beforehand. That way, they will know when these heightened moments are. It is also worth noting that the flavour release lasts around half an hour. This should be taken into account when planning the screening.