80's Electronic Music

Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson is one of the most loved and acclaimed musical artists of all time. He has been crowned the “King of Pop” by the press and his adoring fans who are numbered in the millions. His music has often featured an electronic sound. Some of his most iconic songs were released during the 1980’s, tracks that have become the most loved in the entire history of music.

The Best Michael Jackson Songs Of The 80’s

  • Thriller

This horror themed number one hit features a heavy amount of electronic sounds. A pop beat is mixed with Gothic ominous music in order to create a truly unique sound.

  • Beat It

Like most of Jackson’s pop songs of this era, Beat It had a killer dance beat. It also had a section of Jackson’s own voice echoing. This was done with a sophisticated mixing board. The song is a testament to the singer’s attention to detail.

  • Earth Song

For this song Michael Jackson wanted to convey a message about the Earth’s fragile environment. For this reason the electronic synth beats took a backseat. Classic moving piano music in the forefront instead. However this is still mixed with a synthesizer.

  • Bad

Jackson wanted to change his image to show he was a harder character with this song. Therefore electric guitars are the main instrument used.

  • Leave Me Alone

This is the most synth heavy song on this list. It uses a fairly simplistic set of chords which are played on a synthesizer.