80's Electronic Music



OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark) are a UK band who have developed a cult following. Their music of the 80’s has influenced a large number of artists over the years. Their unique sound is heavily experimental. It also contains a large amount of digital sampling.

Best OMD Songs

  • Electricity

This song features a simplistic tune at the forefront. It features electronic background noise throughout that acts as the bass. This is a prime example of the band’s standard sound. The bass sound eventually rises in pitch until it sounds relatively high. Meanwhile the same few chords are played over and over again.

  • Enola Gay

For this song the band wanted to create a more serious tone while still having the tune be a dance-able pop hit. It has a fast paced tempo and the synth sounds are more melancholy than their usual work. This is reflective of the serious subject manner.

  • Maid Of Orleans

This song opens with a sustained synth note. It takes more than 30 seconds for the track’s chorus chords to appear. Like their other work it contains high pitched synthesizers and the echoing voice of the singer. It also contains electronic drums.