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Decorating a Rave Room

It is fair to say that electronic music has taken the world by storm in recent years. It is not just a fun hobby for many people listening to it. It is a way of life. During the 1990s rave culture became an important social activity. Those who fondly remember that decade may still enjoy raving within their own home. If so, then it is a good idea for them to have a room where they can dance freely. These interiors should be decorated in the right way. The homeowner can order multi colored rugs from the website Trend Carpet. Their catalogue has a plethora of appealing floor decorations for ravers to choose from.

Rugs That Fit the Tone of the Music

When people choose their interior design, they need to consider whether the rugs will complement the tunes being played. Fans will already know that rave music is an upbeat and high energy genre. Therefore the floor d├ęcor should also have a fun and lively tone to it. Essentially the homeowner’s task is to create a visual representation of this music.

Vibrant Colours

It may be tempting to choose rugs that have relatively subdued colouring. Many homes opt for neutral hues. However, a rave room is very different. The multi colored rugs supplied by Trend Carpet will be more appropriate. If the person is unsure, then they can study colour theory to determine the best options. It should be remembered that the rave genre favours vibrant tones and eye-catching imagery.

Trippy Patterns

There is some crossover between rave and psychedelic art because the latter can be seen as a precursor to the former. For this reason, during the 1990s, trippy patterns were commonly seen at rave events. The homeowner may wish to find facsimiles of these designs. The problem is that they can end up looking garish. It is important to not ruin the rave room with a poorly chosen pattern.

Preventing Tripping Over

Safety needs to be another critical concern. The issue with rugs is that if someone dances on them, they could end up tripping over. Luckily Trend Carpet provides non-slip options. These are perfect for anyone who wants to avoid any unnecessary accidents. However, if homeowners still want to go for traditional rugs, they can do so. The items should be placed in a safe area of the rave room.

Considering the Texture

The overall look of the rug will be dictated by the colour and patterns. The texture also plays a key role. There is a wide variety of possible choices. The right one will depend on the tastes of the homeowner. They need to ask themselves whether that particular rug will suit the music being listened to.