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Blade Runner


Blade Runner is one of Ridley Scott’s most well regarded films. It is seen as a classic of its genre. Part of the reason for the film’s multi generational appeal is the electronic soundtrack composed by Vangelis. From the very start of the running time the band creates a fantastic atmosphere appropriate for Los Angeles of the future. At the same time they manage to convey the haunting mood of the film right from the very start. Before the audience are even aware of the narrative they are told through the music what kind of world they being introduced to.


Vangelis is a Greek electronic musician known for combining classical music with more modern instrumentation. This is ideal for Blade Runner as it is a detective film set in the future. This merging of two different times in history is reflected perfectly by Vangelis’ choices in score. It was nominated for both a BAFTA and Golden Globe in 1983. Their work for Blade Runner is considered extremely important to the history of electronic music. It continues to inspire modern musicians. One track in particular is well loved by many aficionados of the electronic genre. Tears in Rain comes towards the end of film, the perfect close to a sensational piece of work.