80's Electronic Music

Best Electronic Artists Of The 80’s

  • Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode are one of the most well regarded bands in the entire genre. Since 1980 they have had 50 singles that have reached the charts. “Enjoy The Silence”, “Personal Jesus” and “Policy Of Faith” are some of their most popular songs.

  • Kraftwerk

This German group helped to popularise electronic music. They have inspired many other musical artists. They are known for their intricate machine like sounds and their autonomous movement when performing live. Their most well known songs are “Das Model” and “Robots”.

  • New Order

This electro rock, new wave, post punk band have contributed significantly to electronic music. “Blue Monday” is to date their most successful single.

  • Spandau Ballet

“Gold” is one of the most well known songs of the entire decade. The band had difficulty reaching the same success with later songs. They remain a quintessential 80’s band.

  • Alphaville

This German synth pop band are mostly remembered for the Euro hits they released in the 80’s. Their song “Forever Young” in particularly is fondly remembered by critics. It gained even greater popularity after appearing in popular media such as Napoleon Dynamite. It was also covered by Imagine Dragons.

  • Roxy Music

“More Than This” is a fine example of what electronic music could be in the 1980’s. The band had a string of hits in this decade.

  • A Flock Of Seagulls

New wave band A Flock Of Seagulls released the song “I Ran” in 1982. It continues to be recognised as one of the best songs of the entire 80’s.

  • Bronski Beat

This synth pop trio from the UK have had a few hit singles with a driven electronic drum beats, among them the hit song “Smalltown Boy”.

  • Culture Club

Boy George fronted this colourful band until he split from them and went solo. One of their biggest hits is “Karma Chameleon”.

  • The Cure

The Cure used a fusion of keyboards and electric guitars to create a slew of hits in the 1980’s. Later on in their career they adapted these songs into their heavier sound. However they will be most remembered for the original synth versions of these songs. “Friday I’m In Love” stands out as one of their most recognisable.

  • Dead Or Alive

This band is most commonly known for their hit “You Spin Me Round” featuring a surreal music video. The late English singer Pete Burns fronted the band which toured until his death in 2016.