Modern Electronic Music

Daft Punk


This popular French duo have spent a number of years experimenting with electro pop. They have risen to become one of the biggest double acts of not just the genre but all of modern music. Their dance albums contain sophisticated instrumentation and cutting edge experimentation. Perhaps the most well known characteristic of the band is their reputation for wearing robot masks. All of their songs contain drum machines and a variety of synthesizers.

Random Access Memories

In 2013 the band released their fourth album, Random Access Memories which became a hit. When completing the album the band collaborated with electronica legend Giorgio Moroder. The album remains one of the most success electronic music albums of all time. The track listing includes:

  • 1. “Give Life Back to Music”
  • 2. “The Game of Love”
  • 3. “Giorgio by Moroder”
  • 4. “Within”
  • 5. “Instant Crush” (in collaboration with Julian Casablancas)
  • 6. “Lose Yourself to Dance” (in collaboration with Pharrell Williams)
  • 7. “Touch” (in collaboration with Paul Williams)
  • 8. “Get Lucky” (in collaboration with Pharrell Williams)
  • 9. “Beyond”
  • 10. “Motherboard”
  • 11. “Fragments of Time” (in collaboration with Todd Edwards)
  • 12. “Doin’ It Right” (in collaboration with Panda Bear)
  • 13. “Contact”