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    Starting An Electronic Band

    Due to the relative affordability of instruments practically anyone can form their very own electronic music group. This can be a fun and creatively rewarding exercise. However, if the band wishes to become commercially successful and gain a large fan base there are several steps that need to be followed. Research Groups From The Past The best new electronic bands will have been influenced by the ones that came before them. For this reason it is wise to listen to classic tracks. This should help people to come up with their own unique contributions to the genre. Get The Band…

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    Making Home Tasks More Fun

    Almost everyone will agree that there is no shortage of tasks that need doing around the home. It doesn’t matter whether a person lives in a room, an apartment or a mansion, one chore that everyone has is doing the…

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    Blade Runner

    Introduction Blade Runner is one of Ridley Scott’s most well regarded films. It is seen as a classic of its genre. Part of the reason for the film’s multi generational appeal is the electronic soundtrack composed by Vangelis. From the…

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    The Scissor Sisters

    Introduction During the noughties The Scissor Sisters helped to bring electro dance music into the mainstream. They also helped to increase the popularity of the genre with the wider public. The New York based band consisted of vocalists Jake Shears…

  • 80's Electronic Music


    Introduction SSQ were a relatively short lived band who provided electronic music for commercial media. This includes television and film. The original line up consisted of lead singer Stacey Swain (who would later become Stacey Q), as well as Jon…

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    Best Electronic Movie Soundtracks

    Ghostbusters The theme song to this 80’s comedy is so well known that it often overshadows the film itself. It has become a staple song to play during the Halloween season. Ray Parker Junior creates a fun and catchy tune…

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    Daft Punk

    Introduction This popular French duo have spent a number of years experimenting with electro pop. They have risen to become one of the biggest double