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    Using Snus While Watching Synth Movies

    The 1980s provided viewers with plenty of movies that featured great electronic music. This was an era when film composers started to embrace synthesisers. The instrument started a revolution within the arts world which is still being felt today. Morden audiences are spoiled for choice when it comes to amazing soundtracks from the 80s. Popular examples include Manhunter, Risky Business, Blade Runner, The Terminator and Scarface. The experience can be enhanced by trying snus while watching these movies. People can purchase Zyn Snus from the website Northerner. It has been hailed as a great alternative to smoking. The pouches contain…

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    Decorating a Rave Room

    It is fair to say that electronic music has taken the world by storm in recent years. It is not just a fun hobby for many people listening to it. It is a way of life. During the 1990s rave…

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    Starting An Electronic Band

    Due to the relative affordability of instruments practically anyone can form their very own electronic music group. This can be a fun and creatively rewarding exercise. However, if the band wishes to become commercially successful and gain a large fan…

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    Making Home Tasks More Fun

    Almost everyone will agree that there is no shortage of tasks that need doing around the home. It doesn’t matter whether a person lives in a room, an apartment or a mansion, one chore that everyone has is doing the…

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    Blade Runner

    Introduction Blade Runner is one of Ridley Scott’s most well regarded films. It is seen as a classic of its genre. Part of the reason for the film’s multi generational appeal is the electronic soundtrack composed by Vangelis. From the…